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Marcia Coppel’s new paintings are based on her love for the people, rich color, and the landscape of Mexico.  Her recent work was made using line drawings done “on the spot” before, during, and after Covid.  The color was added later in her studio.  At times, painting was difficult or impossible.   However,  when she could paint , she was able to resume her whimsy and use of rich color.   Underneath the humor,  she is concerned with communication, isolation,  laughter,  healing.

In the paintings, blue, green, or red people in cafes or at the beach gaze into each others eyes and talk intently.  Others stare into the space of their own worlds and seem to be floating or sitting without chairs. Still others are bashful,  isolated, startled, or surprised.   

  A cloud in the sky has a head resting on it and feet protruding.  Faces appear on beach umbrellas sometimes suggesting surveillance .  The effect can be amusing and hopeful or have a touch of menace.

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